About Me

I’m a home maker living in Hyderabad with my husband and 6yr old angel. Being a food enthusiast I enjoy cooking for my family. This blog is a medium for sharing the recipes tried and tested from my kitchen We are non-veg lovers so you can see many non-veg recipes here.
Being from Andhra Pradesh we eat very spicy food so the measurements given in the recipes can be adjusted according to your palate as you might find ours too spicy.
Thanks to our Mother’s and Grandmother’s who pass on our rich culinary culture to us and I believe it is our responsibility to preserve the tradition and pass it on to our kids and teach them to pass on to their nextgen.  I learnt cooking from my mother , grandmother , mother-in-law and my aunt(mom's sis), these four ladies are excellent cooks and they  inspire me to cook good food.
Thank You for visiting Recipe Den , Enjoy the recipes cooked with lots of love and affection.  I appreciate your comments and feedback as a guest, any suggestions that I get I will try to incorporate them into my blog.

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