Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trifle Pudding

Trifle is a dessert made from thick custard , fruits , jelly and sponge cake arranged in layers and chilled for a few hours. There are no specific measurements for this recipe.So just do it as per your specs.


Thick custard
Jelly ( any flavor i used the strawberry flavor)
Fruits( chopped into small pieces , I used apple,orange,pomogranate and banana)
Store bought plain cake
Orange juice


For custard layer:
Follow the insturctions on the pack to prepare thick custard for puddings and refrigerate it.

For the jelly layer:
Prepare the jelly as per instructions on the pack. After it cools, set it in a tray and refrigerate it. Do not keep it in the freezer.

Layering the Trifle:

Take a wide bowl.

I crumbled the cake into chunks and spread them on the bottom. Moisten the cake with little orange juice.

Now evely spread a layer of jelly on the cake.

Next evenly spread the custard on the jelly. Follow with a layer of fruits.

Repeat this layering till the bowl is full. I topped my trifle with some left over fruits and jelly.

Refrigerate the trifle for 3-4 hrs so that it sets well before serving.

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