Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gongura Pandumirchi Pachadi

Gongura...the name itself tickles the tastebuds. Thats the speciality of this tangy leafy vegetable that is famous throughout Andhra Pradesh. It is called as Sorrel Leaves in English. Gongura can be used to make a variety of dishes like Gongura pappu(dal), Gongura Mutton , Gongura Pachadi. Gongura pachadi is the signature dish of Guntur dist of Andhra Pradesh , any Andhra Meal is incomplete without this tangy pachadi. Guntur is famous for its red chillis, during the red chilli season these ripen red chilles are crushed and combined with cooked and ground gongura to make a spicy tangy pickle.

Ripe Red Chillis – ½ kg
Gongura – 1.5 cups
Tamarind- ½ cup
Salt – acc to taste
Methi seeds- 1tbsp (roasted and powdered finely)
Pickle Oil ( Sesame Oil) – 1.5 to 2 cups
Chana Dal- 3tbsp
Jeera- 2tbsp
Mustard Seeds- 2tbsp
Garlic cloves – 10 crushed
Curry Leaves- 4-5 sprigs
Dry red chillis – 5-6 broken

-Clean the chillis and and dry them on a clean cloth. 
-Similarly clean and dry the gongura leaves.
-Heat 4tbsp of pickle oil, once hot add the gongura leaves. After the leaves leave water add the tamarind and let them cook till dry. Keep aside.
-Grind the chillis and keep aside. Grind the gongura and tamarind to a smooth paste. Add to the chilli mixture.
-Mix the gongura and chilli mixture well.
-Add the methi powder and salt. Mix well. Keep tasting for the salt. Once done keep aside.
-Heat the remaining oil in a kadai , add the chana dal and fry for 1 min till the dal turns light golden , add the mustard seeds, jeera , garlic cloves and  dry red chillis fry for 2-3min. -Add the curry leaves and switch off the stove.
-Let the oil mixture cool completely. Once the oil is cool add to the chilli and gongura mixture and mix well.
-Store in a dry glass bottle and serve after 1 day with hot rice and a dash of ghee.
-This pickle stays for a good 5-6 months.


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