Thursday, November 1, 2012


Nankhatai is the Indian cookie made with only four ingredients.Nuts can also be added according to ones taste. I made the basic nankhatai which is a perfect snack along with evening cuppa tea.

Maida-1 cup
Ghee/Clarified Butter- 1/2 cup
Sugar Powder - 1/2 cup
Salt- a pinch.

-Add the powdered sugar to the ghee and mix well till the sugar melts into the ghee.
-Sift the maida and salt so that salt mixes well with the maida.
-Add little by little maida to the ghee and sugar mixture keep mixing and see to it that lumps dont form.
-Make small balls and place them in a baking tray lined with baking paper.
-Bake for 20 min at 180 degrees Celsius. These cookies don't change color.

Sending this to Bake Fest#13 Hosted by Anu @ Anu's Healthy Kitchen and What's with my Cuppa Hosted by Nupur @ UK Rasoi

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