Monday, February 11, 2013

Idly Sambar

Idly  and dosa are the most breakfast preparations in South India.  Every household has a batch of either batter in the fridge. Idly is our favourite for breakfast , I grind a big batch of idly batter that will last atleast a week.  Making soft and airy  idly’s requires practise and we cannot achieve it in the first time.  Even i failed many times before i finally made the perfect idly.  Idly can be accompanied with coconut chutney , tomato chutney ,sambar or even a simple podi will do with hot idly  smeared with ghee. So here is my recipe.

Urad Dal – 1cup
Idly Rawa- 3 cups
Salt – 1tbsp
Water ad required

-Clean and soak the urad dal for 5-6 hrs.
-Soak the idly rawa for 2 hrs before grinding.
-In a wet grinder grind the urad dal till a smooth consistency is reached. Add little by little water while grinding. The batter should be thick and smooth. Do not make it runny , idly's will not come out fost if the batter is thin.
-To the ground dal add the drained rawa , mix well and let it ferment overnight.
-Add salt to the fermented batter and mix well.
-Take an idly plate and fill till till 3/4th to the idly plate.
-Steam for 15 min , you will know by seeing if they are done.
-Serve hot by smearing little ghee on each idly with chutney or sambar. We had our with sambar.

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