Friday, December 7, 2007


7th December 2006 is a day to remember in my life because that is the day when i started my own blog and today is again 7th december but the year has changed to 2007 and i am proud to say that MY BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY.Last year when i started this blog i didnt know that i will come this far. 1 year has passed by with 50 posts.

I have learnt some wonderful dishes.The list of wonderful dishes i learnt and the related blogs is coming very soon.I want tothank all the wonderful people who visited my blog and left me those precious comments. I dont know how my 2nd year will go but i hope its goes well with lots more people visiting my blog and leaving more comments.ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL


Harika said...


Happy First Anniversary on completion of one successful year of Blogging :D!!!!!

Pradeep said...

Happy first anniversary!!! I'am very happy for you.

I have seen the effort you have put into this blog and the passion you have for this blog.

Your Immense talent can be seen in this blog, I wish you more success in this blog and everthing in life.

I know, there is a champion in you.


Mona said...

Congratulations, keep up the bloggong work, like you have benn always..

Shella said...

Hey Congratulations on your blog anniv. You have a very nice blog & I am glad to have discovered it.

shree said...

Hey Suntiiiiiiii
Happy blogervasary..Sorry 4 being kt but sendin these wishes along with the new yr wishes... :)

Wishin 2 c more posts 4m u dis new ye nd wish all d viewers nd ur fans a delicious new yr :D

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